Artist: Orangafruüp
Release Date: March 1, 2014

Orangafruüp band recorded and performed this album in its entirety over two days. Let Orangafruüp take you on a journey.


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oʊ r æ ŋ ə f r uː p
oh – rang – a – froop

Orangafruüp are a four piece live electronic dance band from South-East London. Fusing hard hitting beats, psychedelic guitar, mind bending synths and infectious grooves.

The band recorded and performed the album in its entirety over two days. Download and listen to the album from start to finish and let Orangafruüp take you on a journey.

Orangafruüp are:

Dave Kemp (Eigenharp)
Tim Trotman (synths)
Craig Tiffin (Guitar)
Jay De Silva (Drums)

Orangafruüp is available to download for free or pay what you feel. We hope you’ll donate. Purchasing through Bandcamp goes directly to the Artists and label, helping us to keep pushing the Wobble.


1. Blue Lotus 2. Psi Lotus 3. Whadyasay about Orangafruup 4. Submarine 5. Snatch 6. Meggido 7. Trippples 8. Lemon Glue 9. Strappafish 10. Juggler

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All tracks written, performed and produced by: Dave Kemp, Tim Trotman, Craig Tiffin and Jay De Silva. Recorded, mixed and co-produced by Owen Swanson-Low @ AudioSL Mastering by Colin @ Stooodio Mastering